Self-Catered Chalets

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La Frasse, Chamonix

Chalets €17,340

Les Bois, Chamonix

Choose a property type €10,000

Les Moussoux, Chamonix

Chalets €6,500

Les Brevents, Chamonix

Chalets €6,000

Le Tour, Chamonix

Chalets €5,000

Just Outside Chamonix Centre

Chalets €4,500

Argentiere, Chamonix

Chalets €4,500

Les Houches, Chamonix

Chalets €4,500


92 Chemin de la Chna Chalets €4,250


745 Route Couttet Champion Chalets €4,000

Town Centre, Chamonix

Chalets €4,000


75 Domaine du Chantey, Rue du Plagnolet Chalets €3,600

Argentiere, Chamonix

Chalets €3,600


162 Chemin des Velars Chalets €3,500

Argentiere, Chamonix

Bedrooms: 4 • Bathrooms: 4 Chalets €3,500